Fashion is an extremely polluting and damaging industry today…it needs change. Not just fabrication is a factor here, but also our mental health is an issue. Both for people working in the industry, as the beauty standards created by brands and magazines. A very polluting factor is transport by sea, which is why we found all our resources in Europe, having our studio in Amsterdam we keep everything close to home.

Another problem is the pressure on manufacturers and factory workers, which is why we decided to work with local (highly skilled) artisans, patternmakers and small workshops in The Netherlands and Belgium. For our especially designed materials and luxurious silks we work with European partners in Italy and France, who fully keep us in the loop during this process, so that we built a strong relationship. Furthermore, we can produce custom quantities, never creating any stock, overproduction or waste.

Our pieces are made from love, determination and imagination. We create from positivitiy and aim for a fully harmless fashion label, to grow with our partners into a fully sustainable luxury fashionhouse.


Fashion impacts how we see beauty, how we see each other and how we can help built a more aware perspective about femininity and beauty. Having lived in different regions of the world, Tosca Soraya Otten (founder and designer) found the impact of fashion upon our selfimage both fascinating and shocking. Awareness about the intensity of this impact doesn’t seem to be brought to the light, not enough. How we look is more important than ever. It’s a shell or uniform and built in it, there’s a code of who we are and what we stand for. Our look is a communication tool, creating a reaction with others and making us feel a certain way about ourselves. This ‘uniform’ is very much impacted by fashion campaigns, magazines, celebrities and influencers. In a life where we need immediate gratification, we seem to feed our insecurities by exactly that.


TOS gallery wants to focus on the natural beauty of things, of acceptance and freedom of being. Tolerance of beauty in all its diversity. We create and communicate with responsibility and awareness of this impact, and we chose our partners and appearances with care. Diversity is a lively theme for the brand, as well as consciousness and of course sustainability. We communicate a perspective on women in their natural sense of being, to be comfortable with yourself and speak your mind. We are all children of Mother Nature and want to underline that ‘weirdness’, or ‘being different’ is exactly what makes us beautiful and interesting. No matter what religion or cultural background one might have, there is a natural beauty we all connect to. This beauty in nature is what we are most inspired by in TOS gallery’s dreamworlds and silhouettes. We believe this is a beauty that has always been there and will be there forever. We are determened to translate this beauty into a style that lasts.