Phoenix Flames | 100% silk ponge with handpainted artwork

This silk scarf is painted by hand in our Amsterdam studio.

This timeless piece expresses a mythic creature of eternity, the phoenix. The scarf is a 110cm square, finished with a roll hem stitched by hand. Before painting, the scarf was treated with a wax for the lines to be pure and fine, after which the designer took the time to mingle colours and paint the artwork. Afterwards, the silk was treated for the paint to fixate so that you can simply dry clean this piece to ensure it for not losing colour or quality.


Custom options

For other sizes or painting ideas, like pocket squares or different sizes of silk scarves, please don’t hesitate to contact us on sales@tosgallery.nl to discuss what’s possible! We love to create special pieces for you! In special and unique designs, we feel that a product becomes more than a new purchase alone. It’s what we live for!

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This is a hand painted piece of our first collection called ‘The Phoenix Series’. It is a single and unique silk scarf, painted by hand in our Amsterdam atelier. The fabric of the garment collection, is a woven version of scarves ‘Phoenix He’ and ‘Phoenix She’, transformed into our enchanting jacquard. Our weaver in Lyon can only fabricate two to five meters a day because of its beautiful complexity. A true couture material!

This silk scarf is one of a kind and a wearable piece of art, where we took the time to paint from the heart and mix colours that matched our feelings and the story of this piece. The smooth and silk scarf is a delight on the skin and the colours remain as we treated the paint accordingly. Purchasing this piece gives you more than another accessory, our dreams and ideas of beauty are carefully integrated in every detail, we took the time for it out of love for the arts and craftsmanship.

This piece is ready to be sent to you, we will update you a notification incuding the track & trace number.


Please note that this piece is unique and very delicate, the fabric being a smooth and lightweight 100% silk pongé, painted by hand. It’s best to dry clean, do not wash. When treated carefully, this piece is a long-term, timeless and luxurious addition to your wardrobe collection or a magical and special gift.

We hope that all our love, time and efforts invested in this piece will bring you some joy and magic!


Our first collection consists of six silk scarves painted by hand, a top, dress and trousers. The garments come in two colourways: rose pink and orange. The pieces together form a timeless silhouette, yet with a modern aesthetic. The collection is inspired by the individual and eternal cycle of the phoenix, evolving fully on its own experiences from birth until death and again. We linked this cycle to finding your own beauty and authenticity in life, based on discovering who you really are; your true self.


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