The MERMAID SERIES prints all come from one painting that’s created by TOS in the Amsterdam atelier: the Sirena. Designed in a country that’s below sea-level, with a theme of mythical powerful female creatures (mermaids), this collection is focussed on our oceans. Our oceans, that gave birth to all life on our planet, need saving.

This is why for every scarf purchased, we donate 20% to fellow Dutch initiative The Oceancleanup.

Mermaids saving our oceans.

“A scarf is worn allover the world, in every culture, for centuries.”

“Scarves stay with you and become your own, you can wear them your own way.”

“Underwater is a world of wonder, where everything flows around, it’s hypnotizing.”

‘The MERMAID SERIES is a collection of luxurious silk scarves with mermaid-inspired artworks. Designed in Amsterdam and handmade in Italy, by a family business and one of the oldest weavers in Europe. This supplier honours multiple sustainability-certificates and awards and we are very proud to work with them!

TOS gallery builds every story around a specific painted dreamworld, painted by hand by TOS in the Amsterdam atelier. This first printed scarf collection is very easy to wear, feels lovely on the skin, is carefully finished with a beautiful hand stitch  and is interseasonal as well as intercultural. It’s a wonderful gift and timeless style item to keep with you for a lifetime. The silk scarf is our favourite style item: luxurious, intercultural, artistic, comfortable, diverse and timeless.’


“Life started in our oceans, a world of mythology and mystery where we all origin from.”

The MERMAID-scarf adds a subtle yet artistic accent to your look, whether you love prints mixing up in your look, or if you prefer to dress minimalistic and chic; it just gives that little bit of sophisticated art and contemporary luxury. It’s a very precious ‘ecolux’ item to give to that special person and at the same time, a gift to our oceans. It comes in a beautiful FSC giftbox, made by hand in The Netherlands.

Photography: Dorina van der Graaff
Assistant styling: Cyndi Hsu