Flames, they dance and they are never ever the same shape again, to fascinate the audience forever


“FLAMME is a luxurious collection of hand

embroidered earrings and a collaboration of

TOS gallery & Jazzyness embroidery.

Being inspired by dreams, mythology and

craftsmanship, the two passionate creatives found a

shared aesthetic and created this magical collection.

The collection is made by hand in The Netherlands,

and every piece is unique. The earrings are made of

precious beads, stones and rose gold plated details.

Some materials are new, some are vintage and

every item is carefully created, bead by bead, until



The collection is inspired by the different shapes and

shades of flames, giving it the name ‘Flamme’, which is

French for ‘flame’.

There are 5 styles in total:

Adyen, Loran, Edan, Kenna en Nesrin”


Sparks are just moments enchanting glitter, light and pure energy


Fire is an element with many shapes and many faces,

embracing both light and shadow,

being both a comforter and a destructor.

A flame is something that transcends energy into something we can see, touch and feel

Photography: Dorina van der Graaff
Assistant styling: Cyndi Hsu
Muah: Lily Yeh
Model: Kyra via New Generation Model Management
Art: Corine van Voorbergen