Fire is an element, and as all other elements, can be applied for various goals. For destruction as well as creation. Fire is also seen as spirit, or ‘the fire of consciousness’. In Mythology, Fire gods and goddesses are both feared as worshipped and idealized. Red as a colour for fire symbolizes passion and love, but also blood and death. To find one word for this element, it would probably be Intense.

TOS gallery (Tosca Soraya Otten) & Corine van Voorbergen

Fire transcends the physical into another form. It’s elegant, fluid, brings light and warmth. It’s a light with a very dark shadow, and mostly is like a smoky mirror, showing our truth.

For this project, TOS gallery & Corine van Voorbergen tell the story of Fire and the duality of this element. The fashion designer and artist chose to symbolize this in a female goddess vision, beautiful and embellished, the material version of beauty, but empty and hidden, faceless, a beauty without content. Created entirely with recycled and secondhand fabrics and beads, this goddess designed by Otten is purely material, constructed of memories, experiences and ideas of beauty. The spirit of this material fire goddess, envisioned by Van Voorbergen, is separated from her body and transcended into another dimension. Disconnected. As our spirit carries both light and darkness, this installation symbolizes the disconnection between body and soul. Both present, both beautiful, but not in the same place. You can see glimpses of the spirit in the portals surrounding the pyramid construction, which is the alchemy symbol for Fire.

Goddess silhouette: TOS gallery / Tosca Soraya Otten (@tos_gallery), embroidery art on hat and top by Alina Blasquez (@alinablasquez), assistant design and art directing Cyndi Hsu (@cyndihsu_01) / Goddess circular artworks THE SOUL OF THE FIRE GODDESS, FIRE and ASH: Corine van Voorbergen (@corine_v_voorbergen) 

Photography: Dorina van der Graaff
Assistant Styling: Cyndi Hsu
MUAH: Lily Yeh
Model: Kyra via New Generation Model Management
Art: Corine van Voorbergen
Embroidery art: Alina Blasquez
Expo FIRE at Dutch Design Hotel Artemis