Fashion is an extremely polluting and damaging industry today…it needs change. Not just fabrication is a factor here, but also our mental health is an issue. Both for people working in the industry, as the beauty standards created by brands and magazines. A very polluting factor is transport by sea, which is why we found all our resources in Europe, having our studio in Amsterdam we keep everything close to home.



‘The MERMAID SERIES is a collection of luxurious silk scarves with mermaid-inspired artworks. Designed in Amsterdam and handmade in Italy, by a family business and one of the oldest weavers in Europe. This supplier honours multiple sustainability-certificates and awards and we are very proud to work with them!

TOS gallery builds every story around a specific painted dreamworld, painted by hand by TOS in the Amsterdam atelier. This first printed scarf collection is very easy to wear, feels lovely on the skin, is carefully finished with a beautiful hand stitch  and is interseasonal as well as intercultural. It’s a wonderful gift and timeless style item to keep with you for a lifetime. The silk scarf is our favourite style item: luxurious, intercultural, artistic, comfortable, diverse and timeless.’

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The new collection is coming!

“The myths about our oceans run deep, but water moves allover our planet. It reaches the skies and freezes our mountains. Water sustains life in deep forests and hides secrets colourful jungles. For our next series, we follow the myth of the mermaids to greener waters….”


To express the woman of our imagination and our level of technique and creativity, we dive into our dreamworld and implement craftsmanship, skillful drapery and pattermaking to present a small but rich couture collection. Made in our atelier in Amsterdam, piece by piece, with skill, passion and patience. Our world of art and vision translated into outspoken yet timeless elegance.

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Classical tailored basics, comfortable and feminine with a timeless silhouette. Skillfully made by couture pattermakers and our atelier, very rich yet wearable pieces. For special occassions or combined with a simple T-shirt, to add some magic to your day.

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Stories, not seasons

Check our philosophy

Stories, not seasons

Check our philosophy